Help is Always There When You Need It

Class schedules are always hard to work around so I was unfortunately unable to take the career development class.  However, the one good thing about being part of the School of Communications is that the professors are always available to help.  Over the past three and a half years, I have formed great relationships with the professors that I’ve had.  Whether I email them to set up an appointment to meet or just simply stop by their office, they are so welcoming and willing to help.  I have met with Professor Catrino countless times for help with my resume and cover letters, for recommendations for internships and for help with projects.  I’ve sat with other professors to discuss the internships and jobs I’ve applied for.  They’ve all given me such great advice on apply for jobs, fixing my resume tape and all the projects I’ve done over the years.  Even though I was unable to take the class, I am still so appreciative for all the help and advice my professors have provided me with and I honestly feel that I am ready to enter the real world because of everything they did for me.


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