The Opposite of Networking is NOT Working


On Thursday, April 3, 2014 members of Quinnipiac University’s School of Communications took a trip to The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City to take part in a mentor program.

The mentor program, set up by the assistant dean for career services, Joseph Catrino, consisted of Quinnipiac University alumni in the communications field.  There were professionals in public relations, media, film, and print and broadcast news.  The alum ranged anywhere from those who graduated in 1983 to some who graduated in 2013, allowing for a variety of perspectives in the field.

“I didn’t know what to expect going in, but in the end I was able to take a lot out of it.  I met and networked with a bunch of really successful people that I know are willing to help me. It was definitely a successful day,” said Teresa Santos, a senior broadcast journalism major.

The event started with lunch and a panel discussion.  Each alum talked about what they were involved in at Quinnipiac, how they got into their fields, the jobs they’ve had and what they entailed.  After all 15 panelists talked, students were given the time to ask questions about internships, job hunting, and ways to stand out from the crowd in their careers.

“They made me feel comfortable.  It definitely eased my mind about finding internships because now I have made connections with the mentors that were at the event,” said sophomore public relations major, Amanda Barroca.

“I know as a broadcast journalism major at events like this it’s often hard to find someone in your field because most of them do public relations.  But at this event I felt that there were plenty of people I could network with and even the mentors who were in public relations, had connections in my field and were able to connect me to them,” said Santos.

The internship and job hunt can be stressful, frustrating and scary.  However, after the question and answer session, students had the opportunity to have one-on-one time with mentors to ask for advice, have them look over resumes and to make connections through the mentors with people who can help further their careers.

“I’ve been so stressed lately because nothing has been working out for me, but talking with the mentors calmed my nerves about finding a job.  I connected with some of the mentors after the event and they were able to connect me to people they know.  I was able to get my resume out to more people in the industry,” said Santos.

All the students were encouraged to reach out to the mentors – call or email them, and connect with them on social media sites such as LinkedIn because they never know who might know someone in their desired field.